Choose from below for the teeth whitening treatment that is best for you. We guarantee whiter teeth in 1 visit or your money back.

Free Phone Consultation

Free 15 minute phone consultation with one of our Teeth Whitening Specialists. Book if you are unsure of which teeth whitening service to choose from or to learn more about teeth whitening. No purchase required.

15 minutes (Free)

Touch Up - 30 min

Best for who keep up with regular whitenings and want to get that extra pop. The touch-up package can get 1-2 shades whiter. Not intended for heavier staining on the teeth.

30 min @ $99

Advanced Teeth Whitening - 90 min

Most popular whitening package. Best for people who have never done professional whitening before or those that are regular coffee or wine drinkers, smokers, or have lifelong teeth staining. Tailored to your level of sensitivity by our staff.

1.5 hours @ $299

4 X Advanced Teeth Whitening Package

A package of 4 advanced teeth whitening sessions, buy as a gift or for a year's worth of whitening for yourself.

6 hours @ $999

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Perfect Ten Smile process work for me?

Yes. We are so confident that you will get the best results you've ever had that we guarantee immediate results and 100% satisfaction with a no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

I have caps, crowns, veneers or bonding on my teeth, will the Perfect Ten system work on them?

Yes. Caps, crowns, veneers and composites such as bonding do not stain at the same rate as natural teeth, if at all due to them not being as porous as natural teeth so they shouldn't take on staining like natural teeth but if there is staining on them we will be able to whiten them too.

How long before I can eat or drink after my session?

The first 24 hours we would recommend that you avoid coffee, tea, dark colored sodas, red wines, berries, candy, red sauces, beets, or any foods that have the propensity to stain. Remember if it leaves a white shirt stained then it will stain your teeth.

Is it safe?

Yes. Peroxide-based teeth whitening has been employed by dentists for over two decades, and over-the-counter products such as Crest WhiteStrips are used by millions of people worldwide. Some of these systems cause more sensitivity than others, such as toothaches and gum irritation, but all side effects are temporary. We don't recommend the Perfect Ten Smile process for anyone under 16 years of age or pregnant or lactating women.

How is Perfect Ten Smile different from BriteSmile, Zoom or other brands?

The Perfect Ten Smile process only shares a couple of similarities with BriteSmile, Zoom or other brands such as Hydrogen Peroxide and a Whitening Accelerator Light. We utilize a much newer technology and more advanced techniques compared to other teeth whitening systems. Differences include strength, type and amount of hydrogen peroxide and the use of a halogen light that utilizes the most advanced light filtration system available VS. a metal halide light, plasma light or LED light. In addition, we actively monitor and adjust the temperature and humidity to reduce environmental factors so you can achieve the best possible results. We also filter the air quality down to an incredible .003 micron using IQAir's HyperHEPA® filtration system to ensure maximum comfort. Click here or on the Comparison tab at the top of this page to compare Perfect Ten Smile to 28 other brands.